Ruduced Anxious Feelings

"I suffer from adrenal fatigue. Basil has helped reduce my anxious feelings and relaxes my body after a long day."

Improved Mental Alertness and Focus

"Basil oil has always helped my mental alertness and focus. I feel like I can think more clearly and tackle the day."

Helped Relax My Body

"I suffered with serious adrenal fatigue for about 16 months when I hit my mid-twenties. Basil helps my body relax."

Fight Adrenal Burnout

"When I take Clove oil, it helps with adrenal burnout. It helps boost my mood and relieves my stress."

Energy Boost

"Clove oil stimulates blood circulation, increases energy levels and tackles adrenal burnout-induced fatigue by relieving stress and boosting moods."

Get Things Working Again

"I Love this oil because it helps calm down my body’s systems so they can work the way they are supposed to."

Just Breathe

"When I breathe in Rosemary, I feel it reducing my cortisol levels. It is one of the best ways to alleviate and control stress in my body. When stress is down, my adrenal can restore themselves. "

My Go-To For Adrenal Fatigue

"Muscle weakness and tension is often reported as one of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I love to diffuse Rosemary to help combat mental fatigue and apply topically to help with sore muscles and joints."

Instant Relief

"I love to apply this oil as a warm compress over my adrenal glands. They are situated in your lower back in the Kidney area. It helps relieve stress and calm my body down."


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