Fast Relief!

"I have neuropathy. Deep Blue soothes my burning pain as well as dryness on my feet. I love how quickly this rub works."

Works Great

"I've been using the Blue Emu lotion in the jar for arthritis & other aches & pains. This stuff works GREAT!?

Amazing Oil

" I have tried so many things on my sore, tired, feet, and this is the only thing that gave me significant improvement and it did it quickly!"

Reduced Pain

"Lemongrass works quickly to reduce inflammation and swelling. I immediately felt less pain when I applied it to my aching muscles."

Works Great on Headaches

"I massage this oil on my forehead and temples and it helps relieve the pain and pressure I experience from headaches."

No More Muscle Cramps

"Lemongrass is known as a great natural treatment for muscle cramps, as it alleviates the stress my tissues and helps my muscles relax."

Soothing Soak

"Epsom salt baths alone are amazing to soothe sore muscles and relax the body, but adding Frankincense oil takes it up a whole other notch!"

Relief for Sore Muscles

"I love adding this oil to a cold compress and pressing it on my sore muscles. It feels great after a hard workout to relieve stress."

No More Muscle Aches

"I suffer from constant back aches and pain. This oil has helped to relieve my sore muscles when I massage it into my lower back."


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