Cut Grease With Lemon

"I love using lemon in my kitchen. It is a great degreaser and eliminates odors caused by bacteria."

Chemical Free Cleaning

"I have been trying to eliminate chemicals in my cleaning for years. Lemon is my go-to oil to eliminate odors and kill bacteria."

Must Have Oil For Cleaning

"I use Lemon in all my homemade house cleaners and it makes everything smell lemony fresh. It is a lot cheaper than products you buy at the store."

Trusted Mold Remover

"Tea Tree has been a great remedy to get rid of mold and mildew on our rags and towels. I add a little to my laundry and it works wonders."

Get Rid Of Gargbage Smell

"I love adding a few drops of Tea Tree oil to my garbage can. It helps to take away that garbage smell between bag changes."

Deordorize Laundry

"Adding Tea Tree oil to my laundry's wash cycle has been a great way to get rid of stinky sock and clothes smell."

Gets Rid of Odors

"Purify cleans the air and gets rid of odors and staleness that tends to build up and linger in the air. It’s like Spring cleaning your house. It has a pine fresh scent and makes the whole house smell great!"

Great Citrus Smell

"This has a great citrus smell but not like a cleanser would. I put a few drops of Purify in my diffuser and it helps to purify the air. I also put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it in the vent of my car."

Perfect For Laundry

"I add this to each laundry load and it smells so clean and fresh! Purify has a woody/earthy vibe and some peppery undertones."


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