Surpases Years of Misery

"My 93 year-old mother was having terrible indigestion problems until she started adding DigestZen to her hot tea. No more Alka Seltzer."

Digest Aid

"The best digestive aid for those with stomach pains. Helps with indigestion, gluten sensitivity, gas, and so forth."

Quality Product

"This is my go to oil for stomach upsets. You can either put a couple drops in your mouth or directly onto your stomach area. The drops taste very strongly of licorice which I’m not a fan of but the oil works really well."

Stimulates Digestion

"After eating a meal, Ginger is your new best friend. It helps empty your stomach more quickly to aid in digestion."

Ginger Helps Your Gut

"News flash! There is a reason why so many of our juices contain Ginger. Ginger is a great way to reduce bloating from overeating."


"I have used the ginger oil with lavender for stomach upset/gas, and have found that it relieves the bloating /cramping. I apply oils on my stomach and abdomen and felt relief within a few minutes."

Ease Tummy Troubles

"I love using Peppermint to ease my tummy troubles. I find it eases cramping and improves digestion."

Great For Pain

"I use peppermint oil for pain. I couldn't live without it. Add a couple drops to your bath water for soothing sore muscles and relaxing stomach aches."

Cool To The Touch

"I am using Peppermint to treat headaches, migraines and nausea. It feels cool when I rub it on my stomach. It helps with digestion."


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