Calms Me Down

"I ADORE this essential oil! I use it in a diffuser necklace daily, and it has helped my anxiety so much. One small sniff can immediately calm me down."


"This truly makes me forget I am agitated. I recommend this to anyone that feels stress and anxiety."

Helps Me Sleep

"This relieves my restless legs and helps me relax!! I am a TERRIBLE sleeper. If I rub Balance on my legs, apply pressure to the back of my neck and my temples, it is wonderful."

Amazing Smell!

"Citrus Bliss perked me up, made me feel invigorated and more awake and cheerful. I used it when I was feeling a little blue, but had a lot to accomplish on my To-Do List. Citrus Bliss helped me to get it done by providing a boost of energy."

Uplifting Mood Enhancer

"This oil smells wonderful! I use it in my diffuser, and it makes me feel refreshed and relaxed. This essential oil is a great mood enhancer. "

Blend of Lemon

"A wonderful blend of lemon, orange, and grapefruit. Delicious when you add to water and a much healthier alternative to all of the 'fake' powdered flavoring..only takes a drop or two."

Better Than a Sleeping Pill

"I use this product at night to help me relax and sleep. I swear it's better than a sleeping pill. Sometimes I have trouble staying asleep, since I started using this product my sleep has been great."

This Oil Is Wonderful!

"This oil is wonderful. I use it to help me with palpitations. Two drops mixed with coconut oil on my chest do the job."

Calming Blend

"I use this in my diffuser and I love the aroma. It is very calming and just what I need after a long day at the office."


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