Powerhouse Oil

"Clary Sage is a powerhouse when it comes to pain. It reduces the feeling of stress and improves hormone balance. (that about sums all of our pms/menstrual problems right there)"

I love this Oil!

"I use Clary Sage to help with bloating, cramps, mood swings, and food cravings associated with my period. It helps regulate my menstrual cycle by balancing hormone levels naturally."

Help With PMS

"Clary Sage Oil helps me balance the estrogen in my body by distributing the hormone evenly. When I inhaled or rub it into certain regions with high concentrations of estrogen, it is able to interact with these hormones to create a balancing effect. I can feel it almost immediately working to relieve PMS."

Helps With Hormones

"Ylang Ylang is underrated for its ability to affect hormones. I suffer from emotional pain and sadness during my period This oil can help get you back into a good mood and help regulate your hormones."

Balancing Oil

"I love how Ylang Ylang has an overall balancing effect on female hormones. When I need some hormonal balance, this is the first oil I reach for."

Nice Benefits

"This oil helps to stimulate the hormones that get our sex drive going. It has helped as my hormones have changed with age."

Hormone Regulator

"Geranium is a great regulator of hormones. We use it for menstruation and menopause. It also helps reduce stress that comes with your monthly cycle."

Great Mood Lifter

"Inhaling Geranium dramatically helps my stress-regulating hormone as well as improving my thyroid levels. It is having an anti-depressant effect on my body and enhances my overall mood."

Great Choice

"This oil is a great choice for anyone suffering PMS or hormone imbalance."


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