Need a Lift?

"This oil has a combination of citrus and mint oils. These are my favorite oils for feeling uplifted and energized."

Energy Burst

"This blend is my favorite for concentration and alertness. It is stimulating while it is calming. I put this in my roller bottle and use when I need an extra boost."

Great Way to Start The Day

"I love to rub this on my feet in the morning to start the day. It gives me the perfect amount of energy."

Love This Oil

"Peppermint is the one oil I use that makes me feel invigorated. Its crisp minty smell help to improve my mood and gives me extra energy throughout the day."

Memory Boost

"I like to take a few whiffs throughout the day to help improve my memory and alertness when inhaled."

Minty Taste

"I love to drink peppermint in my water to help me feel an increased energy throughout the day. It also helps me get through a workout."

Favorite Blend

"Diffuse this blend during your morning routine, during times of stress, or during yoga or a workout to experience a unique combination of invigoration and relaxation."

Best Yoga Blend

"I love using this blend when I do my morning yoga and meditation routine. It helps relieve stress and get me focused and energized for my day."

Start The Day Right

"I love to apply this topically to help me feel enlightened throughout the day.  It is a great way to start my day and help me feel energized."


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