Lights Out With Lavender

"Lavender helps me to relax at night so I feel less stress and anxiety."

Calming Oil

"I use Lavender to calm down my baby before bed (putting a little on her back or on the bottom of her feet), but I also use this for my under arms because I am sensitive there." 

Great Scent

"Whenever I feel myself getting stressed, I just unscrew the top and smell it for a few seconds. Lavender is my go to scent for everything."

Slows My Heart Rate

"Cedarwood helps to bring down my heart rate and blood pressure down. It is a great oil to go to when I have had a hard day and need to destress."

Brings Down Stress Levels

"I love to diffuse this oil when I am feeling stressed. It has sedative properties in it which brings my stress levels down quickly."

Restful Sleep

"I struggle with insomnia. When I diffuse, the aroma of the oil elevates the release of serotonin in my brain which converts to melatonin and encourages a more restful sleep and a peaceful mind."

Love The Smell

"The citrus smell of this oil helps to stimulate circulation, increase energy, and improve my mood. I love its sweet and invigorating smell."

Add To Beauty Produts

"I love to add a few drops to my lotions and bath to increase my energy. I find it works best when I dilute it with a carrier oil or with another beauty product."

Reduce Stess

"I love to inhale Grapefruit oil to activate my nervous system. It helps to calm my fight or flight tenancies and reduce my stress throughout the day."


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